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Academy Highlights | Session V, Week 5

Upper School Highlights | Mr. Dennis Snyder

Changing things up a bit in our Pre-Logic and Logic I Science classes this session, the students are developing their own take on a Rube Goldberg Machine. Huh? What's that you say? Putting it bluntly, a Rube Goldberg is setting up multiple steps to perform a very simple task; such as giving your dog/cat a treat using 5 - 15 steps to make it happen. Students were instructed to make this a family involved project and to make it Silly, Stupid (Ridiculous messed up my amazing 3 S alliteration) and Simple! You may have played the board game Mousetrap in your past which is a perfect example of a Rube Goldberg and has amazed the students this week as I introduced it to them during our class time.

Math students are becoming experts in the art of measuring angles with a less than perfect protractor and using their logic skills to determine if the angles they measure are reasonable.

Logic I students are continuing to learn to become Fallacy Detectives and developing their video presentations to demonstrate one of their favorite fallacies we have been learning about this session. Okay, so how many of you are guilty of making "generalizations", especially the "hasty generalization". Maybe you can identify with some of the following: Circular Reasoning, Red Herrings, Tu Quoque, or Ad Hominem attacks. Using logical reasoning and deduction skills are making them become better Fallacy Detectives!

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