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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Amy Gast

4th Grade Teacher

Rev. Benjamin Chung

Mathematical Sciences Teacher

Mr. Daniel Pyke

Business Operations Director

Dr. Florence Mock Fong

Youth Chorus Teacher

Mr. Jayson Aguilar-Rice

Campus Success Coordinator

Mr. Jon Yeager

Dean of Students

Mrs. Maggie Ainsworth

Upper School Teacher; Admin

Mrs. Monica Perumal

Director of Mathematical Sciences

Mrs. Suzette Elchico

Club Phoenix Manager

Mr. Victor Conesa

Technology Manager

Mrs. Angelia Hao Chung

Academic Services

Mrs. Brittany Yeager

Admissions & Communications

Dr. Daria Bashkina Cochran

Mathematical Sciences Teacher

Mrs. Gloria Tritasavit

Artistic Design Lead

Pastor Jeffrey T. Mammen

Faculty Advisor, Teacher

Mrs. Josie Shaw

1st/2nd Teacher Apprentice

Mrs. Mana Yamamoto

TK/K Teaching Assistant

Mr. Patrick Bree

Latin Department Director

Pastor Toby Kurth

Strategic Advisor; Upper School Teacher

Mrs. Beatriz Moraza

TK/K Teacher

Dr. Christine McLean

Head of School

Ms. Elise Johnson

TK/K & Enrichment Apprentice

Mrs. Hannah Frances Walker

Enrichment Operations, Teacher

Mrs. Jillian Phillips

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lidia Mora

1st/2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Mary Ling

Academic Services

Mrs. Stephanie Hamblen

Financial Aid Director; GS Teacher

Mrs. Trisha Mammen

English Department Director

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