Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Ana Moy

2nd/3rd Grade Team Teacher

Mrs. Becky Tuson

Reading Tutor

Dr. Christine McLean

Head of School

Pastor Andrew Y. Yamamoto

History Teacher, Logic...

Pastor Jon Yeager

Bible Narrative Teacher

Mrs. Maggie Ainsworth

Humanities Teacher...

Mrs. Stephanie Hamblen

Director of Admissions...

Mrs. Diana Wang

Accreditation Lead

Mrs. Angelia Hao Chung

Academic Affairs...

Mr. Ben Gallion

Pre-Calculus Teacher...

Pastor David J. Ainsworth

Greek Teacher

Pastor Jeffrey T. Mammen

Biblical and Spiritual ...

Mrs. Joni Toombs

Director of Institutional ...

Mrs. Mary Ling

Reading Tutor

Pastor Tom Shaw

Bible Narrative Teacher

Ms. Ruby McLean

Reading Tutor

Mrs. Beatriz Moraza

TK, K, and 1st Team Teacher...

Mrs. Brittany Yeager

Communications Director

Mr. Dennis Snyder

Assistant Director of ...

Mrs. Jessica M. Condrey

Grammar School Team...

Mrs. Lidia Mora

2nd/3rd Grade Team Teacher

Mrs. Grace Minjae Bae

Lower Grammar School...

Mrs. Trisha Mammen

Writing and Grammar Teacher