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Tuition Schedule

Tuition Schedule

Donum Dei is committed to imparting an embodied education that is full of scriptural

truth and life-giving experiences. Our formative education equips the student to be a discerning scholar, faithful leader, compassionate servant, and instrument of light for

the glory of our God. 

Through competitive tuition rates and tuition assistance, we are committed to being a financially-inclusive community. We believe the more families that join us on this

mission, the stronger our school will be and the more Donum Dei will be able to serve families in this city. We encourage families who align with our mission and desire a classical Christian education for their children to apply for admission, regardless of financial need. 

Tuition 2024-2025

​The following rates are for incoming TK - 8th grade.



Enrollment Deposit


Your enrollment deposit is applied to tuition.

Tuition Assistance

Donum Dei seeks to make private school affordable for families by offering needs-based tuition assistance to qualifying families. Many factors are taken into consideration, such as income, family size, number of students per family attending Donum Dei, and other extenuating financial circumstances.

To determine tuition assistance, Donum Dei utilizes FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, an independent financial assessment company that helps us gather the necessary information we require. Once you have submitted an application for admission, you will receive information on how to register with FACTS and complete a tuition assistance application.

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