Grammar School

Kindergarten - 5th Grade
Language development: training the Grammarian​

Grammar School

The Academy’s Grammar School focuses on both student development and curricular practices. Our teachers help young students commit to memory the things that will shape their souls and form the foundation of their later learning experiences. Early on, students learn factual information in the subjects of Scripture, Grammar, Latin, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, and Timeline. This memory work serves as the foundational building blocks for their further education in the Logic and Rhetoric schools. These skills of the Grammar stage, moreover, are complemented by students’ development in reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics.

The Curriculum

At Donum Dei, subjects are not merely taught one after the other. Instead, subject matter is integrated across Donum Dei’s Grammar School curriculum. Curriculum is carefully planned so that students at all levels of the Grammar School are able to make connections across multiple subjects. Central to this approach is Donum Dei’s biblical worldview, which places Jesus at the center of all we do and teach. To that end, students study the Bible, but not in isolation. Rather, Donum Dei’s curriculum is integrated across subjects, so that a student studying the early books of the Bible, for example, also studies ancient history, the science of machines and catapults, and the geography of the Middle East. 


Studying Classical languages, specifically Latin and Greek, can improve students’ understanding of English and broaden their ability to persuade. Proper training in Latin and Greek can help students work through grammar, form words and sentences, and develop complex ideas. Both languages are historical languages of the Christian Church and worthy of teaching to our children. Therefore, Donum Dei will train students in the development of language by teaching Latin beginning in 3rd grade and Greek beginning in 7th grade.

Academy Culture

Finally, a Donum Dei Grammar School education includes performing musical arts and exercising the body. Donum Dei’s Musical Conservatory involves vocal training and singing as well as instrumental lessons. Ballet and martial arts, as well as various exercise practices, will be offered as well. These activities, rather than being considered optional “extracurriculars,” help build up the whole human child and also demonstrate to the student the myriad of ways she can glorify God with her talents. 

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