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The Classical Difference

A Classical Christian Education

Donum Dei Classical Academy partners with classical and Christian schools around the nation to impart a classical Christian education. Our leaders employ an integrated curriculum and culture that aims to develop the whole human child, inspire a love for learning, and set his or her foundation on Christ.


This holistic approach to education seeks to educate not only the mind, but also the heart and body of the student at various developmental stages of learning, known as the Trivium: Grammar School, Logic School, and Rhetoric School. Content and methodology are tailored to students’ needs and abilities and build on the fundamentals of the Christian faith to create a comprehensive, biblical worldview. By employing the classical Christian education model at each stage of learning, students progress in ways that promote deep, purposeful learning with high-expectations, high-support, and high-quality student outcomes. 

San Francisco provides a wealth of beauty, culture, and diversity from which to teach and learn. With access to performing arts, world-renowned museums, and parks, our students are provided with opportunities to engage with the classical Christian curriculum in exciting and enriching ways. Be it a trip to the San Francisco Symphony or geography mapping in Golden Gate Park, students actively participate in their education outside the classroom.

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