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Donum Dei is passionate about partnering with parents, tutors, church leaders, and pastors in the education of our students. Together, we help nourish students’ hearts, souls, minds, and bodies by employing a rich classical Christian curriculum that is supported and supplemented through these strategic partnerships.

Parent Partnerships

The Academy recognizes parents are the primary authority and teachers of their children. Effective parent partnerships are a key contributor to developing a strong Academy culture. Donum Dei Classical Academy partners with parents who share faith in Jesus Christ and equips them to disciple and train their children by assisting in their academic and spiritual development.


Donum Dei also encourages community-building through various events and deeply values the camaraderie that results from time spent together. Donum Dei parents have labored together in school renovations, served alongside one another during school-wide service projects, and enjoyed countless meals and times of prayer. Donum Dei Dads, or D3 for short, maintain a prominent presence in our community through their leadership at our school-wide Thursday Morning Assemblies and by providing security detail at drop-off and during the lunch hour.

Reading and Math Tutors

Donum Dei partners with professionally-trained reading and math tutors. These tutors meet one-on-one with our students to assist them with individualized reading and math plans aimed at helping students meet age-appropriate benchmarks. By significantly lowering the teacher to student ratio, we provide a reinforced learning environment that helps to build up skills and knowledge in these foundational areas.

Church Leaders and Pastors

The Donum Dei community is comprised of a diverse group of faithful ministers of the gospel, elders, pastors, and people who are working in their sacred vocation. As such, we joyfully partner with churches and their leaders and pastors in the work that God is doing in San Francisco. This partnership is on display during our morning assemblies, equipping events, and school-wide prayer meetings, to name a few.

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