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Logic ( 6 - 8 )

Logic School


The Logic School at Donum Dei is a spiritually robust and academically rigorous program designed to inspire middle school students. The Logic phase of classical education is where students begin to use reason to make sense of their knowledge and experiences. Moving on from the songs and chants that are used as tools to commit knowledge to memory during the Grammar phase, students begin to engage in Socratic discussions and debate, and most importantly, turn toward wonder about the things they are learning. We help guide students as they develop that sense of wonder and grow their ability to develop sound reasoning based on what they know of God’s truth.


We employ the classical Christian education pedagogy in our Logic School (6th Grade to 8th Grade) by conducting classes in the Socratic method, in order to recognize and respond to students’ desire to make sense of, and reason through, the information they are acquiring. This method of teaching is applied as teachers encourage collaborative discussion by supporting the development of sound logic and reasoning skills, asking thought-provoking questions, and guiding students through conversations that enable them to learn how to defend core truths.


At Donum Dei, subjects are not merely taught in a siloed fashion. Instead, the curriculum is carefully planned so that subject matter is integrated and so that students at all levels of the Logic School are able to make connections across multiple subjects. Central to this approach is our biblical worldview, which places Jesus at the center of all we do and teach. Students will encounter new material alongside biblical truths to provoke deeper-level thinking and contemplation.


Donum Dei implements curriculum and content guidance from Christian theologians, apologists, pastors, and teachers in order to bring a Christian worldview to all material. While students encounter the meaningful contributions in research, discoveries, perspectives, and lessons within specific subjects, we seek to supplement and encourage the core truth that all things were made by God to glorify Him. Students are given opportunities to build on their Grammar School foundation as they further engage with studies in the liberal arts, logic, speech and debate, discipleship, biblical survey class, and missions.


We believe Christ is the Truth and the Truth sets us free. Donum Dei seeks to shepherd Logic School students to follow Christ in pursuit of truth and its implications for our contemporary culture. By providing our students with the tools and experience necessary to critically examine cultural trends and research issues through the lens of orthodox Christian beliefs, we teach, guide, and nurture students’ academic, personal, and spiritual development.

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