Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Donum Dei Classical Academy’s mission is to impart a rich Classical Christian curriculum full of Scriptural truth and life-giving experiences. We exist to nourish students’ hearts, souls, minds, and bodies for the purpose of growing in them knowledge, wisdom, good character, and Christ-like virtue worthy of bringing glory to our great God.

Our Vision

Donum Dei Classical Academy’s vision is to become a renowned Christian preparatory academy embodying a culture of exemplary teachers, rigorous academics in the Classical tradition, and thriving parent partnerships.

Donum Dei Classical Academy will equip young ladies and gentlemen to become discerning scholars, faithful leaders, compassionate servants, and instruments of light to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Why San Francisco?

Donum Dei Classical Academy offers a high-quality educational option for Christian families who might otherwise move away because of limited educational options. With prohibitively high cost of living, limited educational options, and lack of youthful communities, many families cannot “afford” to remain in the City. One source estimates that “around 30 percent of San Francisco children attend private schools, the highest rate among large American cities” (Fuller, 2017).  San Francisco has witnessed a “mass exodus [of families] translating into a city with only 13 percent of its population under 18 years old,” far fewer youth than in similar cities (Fuller, 2017 and Graff, 2017). Donum Dei is filling a need to provide a Christian and Classical education that places God at the center of its mission and curriculum in San Francisco. 

Students formed in San Francisco, rich with potential opportunities to engage in experiences similar to what Jesus encountered in Galilee, will be prepared to influence the world for the glory of our God.

Donum Dei Partners With Classical Schools

Donum Dei Classical Academy partners with classical schools across the nation, as well as with the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) and the Society for Classical Learning.  Recently, ACCS launched a powerful video on the movement of Classical Christian education nationally.  We think it may inspire you.

This data represent average test scores.

Students from Classical Christian schools attend top-tier private colleges and public universities including: Covenant College, Wheaton College, Hillsdale College, Calvin College, The Kings College, Patrick Henry College, University of Virginia, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Rice, Stanford, Duke, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, and many others.

College Worthy

Interested in Donum Dei ?

Identifying a school that is the right fit for your child in San Francisco, one that will provide the best intellectual, creative, and spiritual growth can be a daunting task. However, we look forward to helping you navigate this process.

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