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Academy Highlights | Session V, Week 3

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Grammar School Highlight | Mrs. Minjae Bae

This week was Spirit Week! Tuesday was Thanksgiving Tuesday, and we had a banner and small, colored cards for the students to write what they were thankful for. We helped the Pre-Kindergarteners write their thoughts down on their cards. Three questions were posed, and each child received three cards: What is something you are thankful to God for? What is something you are thankful to a person for? What is an experience you have had that you are thankful for?

There were a lot of thanks given to God for giving us his only Son for our sins, thanks to moms for cooking, thanks for siblings/friends, thanks for camping trips, vacations, etc. It was a nice time for all of us to reflect on all of the blessings we have received from our Lord.

Upper School Highlight | Mrs. Trisha Mammen

Like skilled swordsmen (and women), Upper School students are continuing to sharpen their persuasive writing skills and wield them with effective precision in Lost Tools of Writing. They’re also practicing similes in essay 6!

While the academic side of our time together tends to be the focus, a couple of scenes in recent days reminded me of how special our students and this community really are. I watched a student kneel beside the desk of a fellow classmate simply to encourage and cheer on their friend in a moment of struggle. And earlier this week, I walked by a classroom and this time saw a teacher crouched beside a student, speaking value and worth into a little heart. It was nothing short of sacred. Both moments required a willingness to pause from the routine but both were so valuable in building up students and helping them feel seen and loved.

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