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Academy Highlights | Session IV, Week 3

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Grammar School Highlight from Mrs. Jessica Condrey

Following the scientific method in our experiments can be a tool to help us partner with our faith because we get to unravel me of the great mysteries in this world that God created.

In 2nd grade this session, we began a multi-week mummification experiment. Students first learned the importance of having a "control" and "variables" in their experiments. Just like God is in control and never changes, the control in our experiment is that part that never changes, and is how we can measure the actual results of our experiment.

Students created their own Egyptian canopic jars, and will test different mixtures of salt, baking soda, and sugar to see which mixture preserves the apple the best. Students worked in groups and will get to see their final results next week!

Upper School Highlight from Mr. Dennis Snyder

The Pre-Logic students, in Science class had completed their study about Benjamin Franklin learning that he was not just the guy who flew the kite with a key tied to it to discover electricity. We all learned that he was a statesman, the first postmaster general, creating the first lending library as well as being a natural philosopher developing bifocals, the lightning rod, and even credited with the creation of the Glass Armonica! They developed a timeline(thank you artist Aliyah Raygoza for the way you created this for Mr. Snyder) and reported through pictures and illustrations of highlights of Benjamin Franklin's life. Their work has been on display in the stairway between the lower and upper levels inside the school.

In Math we continue building our decimal skills with a greater understanding of how to manipulate numbers with decimals. Some of the students actually asked me if they could practice their division. While working with other students, I paused to look at the board only to see students dividing whole numbers (9+ digits) by a 2 digit number and creating their own decimals problems. Our science students continue working on their Science Fair projects and will proudly display them next week(3/31) for judging and the whole school to view their efforts.

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