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Bridge at Donum Dei

A Comprehensive, Hybrid-Homeschool Cohort Program for Middle and High School Students

Our Purpose

The Donum Dei Bridge Program's curriculum and culture are designed to form students who love Jesus Christ with their hearts and minds. We believe Christ is the Truth and the Truth sets us free. We seek to shepherd students to follow Christ in pursuit of truth and its implications for our contemporary culture. Starting with truths revealed to us through Scripture, creation, and the history and traditions of the church, we encourage students to develop a working biblical worldview from which they can confidently approach future learning. With this goal in mind, Donum Dei Bridge I and Bridge II students will begin entry-level academic experiences that will prepare them for deeper-level thinking and contemplation. Donum Dei Bridge III students should expect to engage in healthy debate and academic pursuit that will help them clarify, deepen, and defend their understanding of truth. By providing our Bridge students with the tools and experience necessary to critically examine cultural trends and research issues through the lens of orthodox Christian beliefs, Donum Dei Bridge teachers, guides, and mentors will nurture and train students’ academic, personal, and spiritual development.   

Donum Dei will seek curriculum and content guidance from Christian theologians, apologists, pastors, and teachers. We also will incorporate select discoveries, research, and lessons from those outside the Christian faith who have made meaningful contributions to our wisdom and understanding across disciplines. Students should finish this program not only owning their faith, but also knowing about other worldviews and faiths. They should be able to defend who God is and who they are in Him when they encounter competing beliefs.

Our Program

Donum Dei’s Bridge Program is a hybrid-homeschool program designed for select Logic and Rhetoric students (middle and high school) for the 2019-2020 school year. Through this program, Donum Dei will facilitate a full, comprehensive curriculum that builds up the entire student. Donum Dei leaders will serve in various capacities as teaching faculty, guides, and mentors.

Donum Dei Bridge teachers
​will teach in-person classes, assess student work and contributions, and guide students through select online courses administered by experienced Christian teachers through reputable academic institutions.

Donum Dei Bridge guides
will assess students’ work and contributions to Socratic discussions, presentations, service work/volunteerism, and team projects. Bridge guides will not assign course letter grades, but rather will invest significant time giving thoughtful feedback in ways that will support student academic, personal, and spiritual development.

Donum Dei Bridge mentors
​will serve in the spiritual development of the student, including training them up in the Word and practicing with them spiritual disciplines, such as Scripture memory, prayer, devotionals, and the defense of their faith.

Bridge Parents

​Donum Dei Bridge parents are the spiritual authority over their children and should engage with them in all aspects of their spiritual growth and development. Bridge parents are fully responsible for providing final grades and assume overall responsibility for their child’s education. In this hybrid-homeschool model, Bridge parents also should anticipate investing their time with academic support as needed and in various roles including field trips, service opportunities, and internship coordination as applicable.   

Bridge Curriculum

Donum Dei’s Bridge leadership has developed a curriculum that includes both online and in-person coursework and practical, developmental learning experiences throughout the city. The Donum Dei Bridge schedule is from Monday to Thursday. We will not meet formally on Fridays, but students can expect some “homework” on those days. 

Interested in BRIDGE?

Identifying a school that is the right fit for your child in San Francisco, one that will provide the best intellectual, creative, and spiritual growth can be a daunting task. However, we look forward to helping you navigate this process.