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Donum Dei Distance Education: A Day in the Life with Bridge Math

Middle school is a challenging time for many students, a time where they are seeking to understand their identity, and where many desire affirmation and acceptance from others more than anything else in the world. It can even mean that being the only person with a question can make you stick out from your peers, and being that person could leave you vulnerable to criticism or “asking a silly question.” But as we teach in our classes at Donum Dei, we remember that even the great mathematicians all started somewhere and had an insatiable curiosity to understand order in the physical world. We know that God did indeed create order, and he also equipped us with a mind to understand the wisdom and knowledge of His creation. At Donum Dei, we desire to cultivate a place where students can be formed by the truths of God, and to grow with confidence into their identities in Christ. Some of this formation comes from building a habit of learning, practice, and feedback. We employ this discipline with our students in our math classes, offering them opportunities to practice what they have learned in their homes each evening, and time in class each day to check their work. Learning math can potentially create a looming mountain of insecurity and fear of being wrong, especially in front of their peers. However, our middle school students have learned that making mistakes is actually a reflection of humility and gives opportunities for peer encouragement and a deepening desire to discover the truth. We’ve even seen the temptation of competing with one another be squashed and replaced with seeking to outdo one another in honor and encouragement during class. Our students feel free to make mistakes, because we cultivate a culture of grace in the classroom. Joni Toombs, Math and Science Teacher for the Bridge Program at Donum Dei


Interested in learning more about Donum Dei's Bridge Program, an academically rigorous and spiritually robust cohort program designed to educate and inspire middle and high school students? Sign up for an online information session and learn the difference a classical Christian education can make in the life of your child.

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