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A Home Education Rooted in Love

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

“I could never homeschool my kids!”

Yep, I’ve heard that one once or twice. As an “Eight” on the Enneagram and an ENTJ on the Meyers-Briggs, it shouldn’t have been legal for me to homeschool my kids!

But I did. For ten years. Not because I loved it. Honestly, I found a lot it of trying and frustrating. I had other things I’d rather do, BUT with the clear vision we had for our family, we knew it was the best choice for us.

So my response is, “you just haven’t hit your point yet!”

And now I see that’s you. You may have never thought you would homeschool, and yet, here you are.

What kept me going was the clear vision we have for our kids. We want our kids first and foremost to love and follow Jesus with all of who they are for all the days of their lives.

Additionally, we want them to love each other and us. So much so, that as adults they will look forward to time with us.

And lastly, we want them to love learning. If you love learning, you know how to learn and can learn the things you need to learn. You are equipped to keep pursuing God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and body.

Did you see a common theme there? Yep, LOVE! I struggled because being around them so much showed me my personal weakness and revealed areas where we haven’t trained them well, but the filter was always love.

Am I spurring them towards loving God? Am I making it easy for them to believe the love of God? Am I the person they will choose to vacation with as an adult? Am I igniting the flame of passion for learning?

Often I fall short. But it’s okay. Love is the north star I keep going back to. I keep repenting to God for living in a way that falls so short of His love. I keep looking them in the eye and asking their forgiveness for not acting in love.

So big picture…it’s all about love.

Here are some practical tips that make the day to day a little easier in the aim of love:

  1. Have a set amount of time for the work, and then move on. Follow the lead of Donum Dei, as they’ve already trained your children in a routine.

  2. Get up, get out (if you can), and move frequently. Once every hour for at least five minutes is ideal.

  3. Stuff may get missed. Truly, it’s okay. God is bigger than your lack of homeschooling ability.

  4. If you are working from home, have designated times each hour when you are available to answer questions. Then put some sort of hat or headphones on that signify you are working and not to disturb you.

  5. Be thankful. Whether you can feel it or not, this time is a gift.

“If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” - St. Paul

Mary Keel

Enrollment in the Distance Education Program for the remainder of this school year (ending July 9). We have reopened enrollment at this time as a temporary service to families in need and will consider potential partnerships with all parents who meet our partnership criteria and whose children can learn successfully in a distance education space. Click here for more information. All application criteria and tuition details apply.

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