Distance Education

Distance Education

Donum Dei Classical Academy offers a Distance Education Program for students to continue their academic studies during the period when school facilities are inaccessible. With this offering, we continue to be laser-focused on our mission to partner with parents to educate and train students’ hearts, minds, and bodies in order that they might grow in wisdom and good character. 


We are committed to providing a holistic education option for our families through our Distance Education Program.




We utilize a password-protected classroom environment and a robust online platform for disseminating and collecting information between our students and faculty.


Our teachers are vigilant in monitoring attendance and participation, ensuring our online classrooms are safe and students are interacting appropriately

with their peers.


Engage Our Students

We implement a curriculum that creatively engages our students’ hearts, souls, minds, and bodies and includes hands-on science experiments, art lessons, and other creative projects using at-home supplies to enhance student learning. We also provide opportunities for students to safely interact with one another outside the classroom at our weekly Youth Group Gatherings (weather permitting)


Partner with Families

We provide a family-friendly, consistent schedule with clear expectations of workload.


Assignments and corresponding grading requirements are easily assessed through our online platform, ensuring parents and students are up-to-date on classroom expectations and progress.