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St. Jerome, the Lion, and the Latin Vulgate

Our 3rd and 4th grade students recently dove into the life of St. Jerome. Most well-known for his translation of the Latin Vulgate (the late-4th-century Latin translation of the Bible), St. Jerome also had an encounter with an injured lion that deeply shaped his life. One day, a lion entered the monastery where Jerome lived. Understandably, his fellow monks fled in fear. Jerome, however, recognized that the lion had a limp and calmly approached the lion to discover a thorn stuck in its paw. The story goes that upon removing the thorn, the lion remained by Jerome's side for the duration of his life.

Of course, this legendary story inspired awe and wonder within our students, but also encouraged them to courageously approach St. Jerome's translation work and read the Vulgate translation of Psalm 23 aloud in Latin. The 4th grade students worked closely with the 3rd graders to translate some of the psalm into English, then met in smaller groups to discuss the psalm before sharing with the entire class. This time of reflection highlighted that the Lord is not only a shepherd, but our Good Shepherd who is with them and able to protect them.

Thank you, Mrs. Phillips, for providing a learning environment where wonder, wisdom, and worship can flourish!

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