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Eggstra Eggstra Read All About It!

The third and fourth graders brought the science classroom to life while studying forces last Friday and took to the great outdoors. Each student was tasked in creating a parachute. Their goal, protect the egg at all costs! Students put their creativity and science knowledge to the test using any material they wished to keep their egg safe when dropped from the height of fifteen feet. Students cheered one another on and waited with great anticipation as each egg carrier was opened to see if their egg survived the drop without a crack!

When asked what was their favorite part of the project:

  • "It was fun to make the parachute itself. I also liked seeing Mrs. Philips egg crack when it hit the ground." - Noe, 4th grade student

  • "That mine didn't crack!" - Mason, 4th grade student

  • "That we got to be outside!" - Jude, 3rd grade student

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