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Donum Dei Dinner

On November 17th, Donum Dei hosted a Greek-inspired dinner for 20 friends across four Christian churches to share the rich tradition of Classical education and spread Donum Dei's mission and vision to serve Christian families in this great city. We gave thanks for the summer 2018 prayer team, who sought the Lord on His vision for the Academy. We recognized the persevering, hard work of our Founding Team to follow Him each day on how to establish the Academy and ways to learn about Donum Dei can be a GIFT of GOD to San Francisco. We planted seeds for new friends - asking them to consider partnering with us on ways in which we can deeply root Donum Dei for the glory of God.

So much goodness happens when friends gather around a table to break bread and give thanks. At Donum Dei, we want to grow a culture of like-minded families who feast on God's Word and share His life with others. We want to engage friends who break bread together, remembering who He is and giving thanks for Christ, the hope of glory.

How does your family connect around the dinner table? Please share some of your favorite dinner traditions and how those shape your family's culture! #classicalchristianeducation #breakingbread #giftofgod

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