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Classical Christian Education Resources

Many of us find ourselves in the midst of changed rhythms and routines as various nationwide shelter-in-place orders remain in place. As we adjust to this new normal, we encourage you to make use of the classical Christian education resources provided below.

  1. The Society for Classical Learning “seeks to foster human flourishing by making classical Christian education thrive.” This membership-based resource provides opportunities for learning through The Journal, a quarterly publication featuring a variety of articles from classical Christian educators and authors; and through their online database of articles, blog posts, and conference lectures. They offer a free two-month trial membership which can be upgraded to an annual student, institutional, or individual membership.

  2. The Association of Classical Christian Schools has amassed a collection of trusted and verified online resources, both internal and external, to aid in understanding the rich tradition of classical Christian education.

  3. The CiRCE Institute provides an extensive collection of podcasts, blog articles, online courses, webinars, and more to aid you in cultivaing wisdom and virtue through the use of classical education.

  4. Half a Hundred Acre Wood provides a wealth of free and for-purchase resources aimed at equipping and enriching families in their pursuit of classical Christian education with missions-based curriculum and integrated copywork, poetry, and art study.

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