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Academy Highlights | Session IV, Week 3

Grammar School Highlight | 3rd Grade With Mrs. Ainsworth

Our study of history in the 3rd grade has led us to the Roman Empire. We've followed the development of the Roman Republic, Rome rising to world power, and the beginning of the Roman Empire and rule of Caesar Augustus. Throughout our journeys in Rome, we have continually been amazed at the architectural triumphs of the Roman Empire. It is amazing how many of the modern building technologies we enjoy today have their roots in Roman architecture - including roads, arches, and sewer systems.

To help us slow down and appreciate these Roman architectural marvels, we spent time in class drawing and painting both the Colosseum and the Appian Way (the oldest Roman road). While drawing the Colosseum, students practiced shading to form realistic arches, as well as adding a horizon line for perspective. Similarly, students' drawings of the Appian Way (or Via Appia) demonstrated one-point perspective with a vanishing point. Taking the time in our day to create beauty is a high value in the Classical classroom. The fact that we can pair this with learning new drawing skills while also marveling at ancient wonders is the icing on the cake!

Upper School Highlight | Bible Narrative With Pastor Shaw

We desire to establish a generation of storytellers, forming our students to not only understand the content of the Bible, but to also to love and clearly communicate the story of the Bible. This session, we have carried on with our aim in Bible narrative of both diving into the great stories of Scripture while also providing a safe and encouraging environment for the children to step out and have a go at retelling the great narratives in Scripture.

Our minds are quick to learn when we hear truth embedded in a story that brings it to life. Jesus knew this and our Logic I students have been growing hugely in understanding and practicing this principle. Here we see an example with Honor retelling the story of the prodigal son.

What a joy it is to see our students growing in their confidence that the book we love contains the greatest and most relevant stories on planet Earth–may they be a gift to our city, challenging many of the wide-held beliefs that Scripture is boring and irrelevant.

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