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Academy Highlights | Session IV, Week 2

Grammar School Highlight from Mrs. Laurel Porter

Greetings from the K-3rd grade Chorus classroom! It is wonderful to be back together for Session IV, singing, keeping a steady beat, tapping the rhythm of the words, learning spatial relations, learning one-to-one correspondence and so many other important lessons. On Tuesday, I asked the 2nd graders if I had taught them to Do-Si-Do? (the partner movement popular in square dancing). Thinking for a moment, Judah Raygoza raised a hand and said, “Oh, do you mean, Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol…”?

I thought, “Wow!” This student just recognized the word “Do” from the Sol-fa (or Solfège) concept and wanted to connect that to the term “Do-Si-Do”. In both cases, the “Do” sounds the same and is spelled the same, but the words do not symbolize the same thing. This was a connection made right before my eyes, which is very exciting. I learned as a teacher in this moment some of the simple misunderstandings that can crop up in the minds of students as they strive to construct knowledge. I am thankful that the students at Donum Dei are given space and encouragement to engage with their own learning by asking questions and drawing connections. It happens often in the music classroom. There are always hands raised and energy bubbling up. What a gift it is to be a part of a learning institution that encourages students to relish the learning process.

Thank you so much for allowing me to make music with your children on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are musicians and their child voices are special instruments that were created to be used, encouraged, and cherished. May I suggest that you ask your child to sing one of these songs for you this weekend: Donkey Riding; Walk, Daniel; Obwisana sa nana; Sea Shell; Page’s Train; Little Johnny Dances; Who Fed the Chickens?; Doggie Doggie? (Hint: Even just saying the title of the song out loud, without explaining, might draw the song out of your small person’s subconscious.)

May God add his blessing to the work that we are doing in the Chorus classroom and the work that all of you parents are doing to keep your families thriving in this time.

Upper School Highlight from Pastor Dave Ainsworth

Our Greek students are studying the different translation philosophies behind English Bibles. We are learning that while there are definitely incorrect translations, there is rarely just one right way to translate a passage. Translation is an exercise in wisdom. Last week, we put into practice these philosophies by changing the wording of Romans 12:1 in three ways: matching the word count exactly, shortening the verse by a third, and lengthening the verse by a third.

In the process, one of the students brought out the most beautiful insight from Paul's call to present our bodies as a "living sacrifice," replacing it with the phrase "living death." Is this not the call to take up our cross and follow Jesus? What treasure is available to us when we slow down and ponder the words of Scripture!

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