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Academy Highlights | Session III, Week 2

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Science with Mrs. Moraza | TK/K Class

This week, our TK/K students learned about the water cycle. The best part was that we did our lesson on Wednesday, when we had sunshine, wind, rain, hail, lightning, and thunder. It was a great day to learn about how the movement of water occurs on the earth as we got a first-hand look at precipitation just outside our classroom window. Supported by their memory work, "the water cycle shows movement of water on the earth," students are able to describe what happens to water starting from rivers, lakes, and oceans to how it turns into rain. We ended our lesson with some raindrop paintings that turned out great!

Mathematical Sciences With Mrs. Perumal

Listen in as Mrs. Perumal, Director of Mathematical Sciences, shares the vision and outworking of the math and science at Donum Dei.

Youth Worship With Pastor Mammen, Mrs. Yeager, and Ms. Johnson | Club Phoenix

Pastor Mammen, Ms. Johnson, and I have the privilege of meeting with a group of our Upper School students on Wednesdays during Club Phoenix for Youth Worship. Each week, we arrange and practice a song or two to lead in our all school assembly on Friday mornings. With a mix of contemporary and familiar hymns, these times are also spent discussing the message contained within the lyrics. Our time together is so rich! I'm often reminded of the moments in my own life where God has used music to speak to my heart in mysterious and deep ways. I must say that our practice times are marked among these times as I am immersed in the musical worship of these lovely students!

This week, our Youth Worship Team led our community in a time of song and prayer over Mrs. Hamblen's baby, Hope. And let me tell you...our auditorium was filled with the praises of our littlest to oldest, singing words of blessing and faith. Praise God for the gift of music that can become prayer!

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