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Academy Highlights | Session II, Week 7

Grammar School Highlight | 1st and 2nd Grades with Mrs. Mora

During our science class in Session II, the 1st and 2nd graders have been learning about land and aquatic biomes. Towards the end of the session each student was assigned a biome. They read about the main characteristics of each biome and then created a diorama. Each one of them presented their project in front of the class by giving a 1 minute speech on it. They all did so well! Then, to celebrate, we all went on our first field trip to the Academy of Sciences to explore a rainforest, the ocean, and the African savannah. It was such a special time.

Upper School Highlight | World History with Pastor Mammen

The question that haunts me as I teach Ancient History to 12-13 year olds is, “How can long-dead people and centuries-old events leave these students curious?” I know that learning Ancient Greek and Roman history would benefit my students, but how can I get them to see it for themselves?

Mrs. Ainsworth teaches my daughter in 3rd grade, so I discovered she was learning about Ancient Greece and Rome right in sync with my course syllabus. So we collaborated on a field trip to the Palace of Fine Arts, which prominently features classical Greek architecture right in the City. As we walked on the Palace grounds and observed the detail of columns and capitals, the students also tuned into the grand dimensions of the urns and the statues of the four women weeping on the corners of the roof. Then we paired each Logic II student with a 3rd grade student on a column sketching project. This drew out the older students to teach, support, and affirm the younger students. And lo and behold, they did some fine sketches!

I came away with some new understanding. When we tasked the older students to invest in the younger students’ learning, they became more interested in the subject. That’s giving me some ideas for the next session…

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