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At a Glance

Donum Dei at a Glance

Donum Dei Classical Academy is a college preparatory, independent, liberal arts TK-12 school founded in 2019. The Academy is firmly rooted in its identity as a distinctly Christian community and employs the classical Christian education model.


  • Donum Dei is located in the city of San Francisco, which is the fourth largest city in California and among the top 10 global financial centers. 

  • The school is centralized in the San Francisco Bay Area, which includes the surrounding communities in the North Bay, East Bay, and Peninsula.


  • The total enrollment for 2022-23 is 90 students, equally represented between boys and girls.

  • We joyfully welcome students from across 30 churches in the Bay Area. 

  • Ethnic and cultural diversity reflects the surrounding community, with about 60% students of color.

Teaching Faculty

  • There are over 23 full- and part-time faculty and staff. Of our teachers, over 60% hold advanced degrees (Master’s and/or Ph.D.).

  • In our Grammar School, the student/faculty ratio is 6:1 with an average class size of 12 students. 

  • In our Logic and Rhetoric Schools, student learning takes place in small group cohorts ranging from 1 to 22 with an average class size of 7 students.


  • Donum Dei emphasizes the core academic disciplines of humanities, mathematical sciences, classical languages, and visual and performing arts.

  • The Academy fosters multi-sensory classroom learning activities that foster human creativity and connection. 

  • A Donum Dei distinctive is a four-year course of study in Rhetoric that includes advanced composition, beginning disputation, advanced disputation, and a culminating senior thesis.

  • The Academy integrates a classical curriculum that emphasizes some of the world’s greatest scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, theologians, artists, and orators.

  • We partner with other institutions with expectations of giving students opportunities to explore the depths of the ocean floors to the heights of the skies and outer space through our hands-on science and experimentation program.


  • Associations: Donum Dei Classical Academy is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS), Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and the Society for Classical Learning (SCL).

  • Accreditation: The Academy is pursuing accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

  • Grammar School: 

  • Academics focus on instilling joy and wonder through the use of memory work, the integration of disciplines, and the implementation of art projects, science experiments, oral presentations, art history, and geography mapping.

  • Reading and math tutors partner with our teachers to build up skills and knowledge in these foundational areas.

  • Latin is offered starting in 3rd grade.

  • Logic and Rhetoric Schools:

  • The Humanities Department integrates Bible, literature, history, geography, and writing, providing deep learning for our students and an increased understanding of timelines.

  • Classical languages, including Latin and Greek, are offered in the Logic and Rhetoric Schools.

  • The Mathematical Sciences Department highlights the disciplines of mathematics, science, and logic. This department is strengthened by these offerings:

  • Math Olympics and Science Fair

  • International Space Station and Oceans courses

  • Science and Faith Department

Campus Life

  • Classical ballet/dance, musical and vocal ensembles, martial arts, soccer drills, Run Club, Math Olympics, Speech Meet, and Science Fair enrich our academic programs.

  • International Space Station and Oceans courses (forthcoming offerings) inspire wonder and knowledge while deepening students’ understanding of science and faith.

  • Student Success Sessions promote student learning and success.

  • Youth Group Cohorts encourage friendships by offering opportunities for students to gather outside the classroom for worship and physical activity.

  • Morning Assemblies focus on student spiritual formation.

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