Grammar School

Donum Dei’s Grammar School encourages young students to love learning through memorization, chants, and songs. Students learn factual information in the subjects of Scripture, Grammar, Latin, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, and Timeline.


This memory work serves as the foundational building blocks for their further education in the Logic and Rhetoric schools. 

Bridge at Donum Dei

Donum Dei’s Bridge Program is a hybrid-homeschool program designed for select Logic and Rhetoric students (middle and high school) for the 2019-2020 school year. Through this program, Donum Dei will facilitate a full, comprehensive curriculum designed to build up the entire student by incorporating both virtual and in-person teachers, guides, and mentors to strengthen student intellectual and spiritual development.

Stages of Learning


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Components of a Donum Dei Education

Liberal Arts
Fine Arts

Classically Christian

A Classical Christian education recognizes the developmental stages of learning, tailoring content and methodology to student’s needs and abilities, while building on the fundamentals of the Christian faith to create a comprehensive biblical worldview.

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