Year-Round Schedule


Donum Dei’s calendar is split into five academic sessions, each approximately eight weeks in length, separated by one-week breaks. Longer breaks are scheduled in the summer and over the Christmas holiday. The curriculum was designed for approximately 40 weeks of learning and approximately 11 weeks of rest and breaks spread throughout the year.

Year-round Learning

By employing a year-round calendar, Donum Dei:

  • gives families back the gift of time in a society where children are overworked and overstressed.

  • avoids the need for students to re-learn material after a long summer break.

  • prevents faculty and administrator burnout by providing “cup filling” breaks after every quarter.

​Donum Dei operates nearly four additional weeks annually as compared to traditional schools. During this time, students may participate in Christian camp experiences, mission trips, and cultural learning adventures; advance their curricular and co-curricular skills; or work on remediation in areas where they need extra support.  

Weekly Schedule

Donum Dei students attend class Monday through Thursday with an optional half-day on Fridays. The school day runs from 8:00am to 5:00pm, during which time Donum Dei educates the whole human child by way of musical and vocal training, rigorous curricular experiences, and physical training in Classical ballet and tap, martial arts, and athletics. Our pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade students should expect to work hard throughout the day, train for excellence, and leave their work at school , which means students will not have homework. 

Summer Sessions

Scholé Community: Summer Session of Restful Learning and Enrichment

Scholé is Greek and means restful learning. Donum Dei’s Scholé Community meets in the summer during Session 5.

During this time, we will engage in a season of restful and contemplative learning. This will include lessons and experiences in Mathematics, Language Arts, and Latin, as well as enrichment courses and experiences, following liturgical patterns:

  • Welcome/Greeting: students greeted by beautiful images and music, possibly with an inspirational quote

  • Grateful Acknowledgment: the arts, one another, the opportunity to study some aspect of God’s creation, the mind, nature, humanity

  • Confession of What We Need: disposition, frame of mind, virtue, heart that seeks and calls out for wisdom

  • Teaching/Presentation/Discussion: traditional lesson, led by the teacher, ensuring that all students are engaged and participating

  • Confession of What We Know/Have Learned: summary and review, taking the form of “credal” confession that edifies

  • Expression of Thanksgiving: led by teacher or mature student, but giving opportunity for all students to express gratitude

  • Benediction/Dismissal: prepared benediction written by teacher, or from traditional sources

  • Processional: return to beautiful music and images; students free to leave immediately, or remain for quiet contemplation

Interested in Donum Dei?

Identifying a school that is the right fit for your child in San Francisco, one that will provide the best intellectual, creative, and spiritual growth can be a daunting task. However, we look forward to helping you navigate this process.

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