Donum Dei seeks to build community among students, their families, faculty, and all other members of the Academy culture.

Academic Attitude

Community life starts in the academic attitude of the Academy as Donum Dei inspires students spiritually, mentally, and physically with practical learning experiences, field trips, and studies outside of the traditional classroom. These experiences support the rich curriculum and co-curricular components of athletics, orchestra, chorus, and theatrical arts. For example, Donum Dei will seek to emphasize and enhance the arts through visits to local and regional operas, symphonies, ballets, theaters, art museums, and science museums.

Summer Experiences

The Academy also fosters growth in heart, soul, mind, and body by offering Christian summer camp experiences (starting in 5th grade), mission trips, and an annual family camp or mission trip (starting in 8th grade). To embrace their role in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Academy students will be equipped through formal training and discipleship to serve, give, and lead via coordinated internships. The School of Logic will offer week-long learning experiences on our nation’s history and the School of Rhetoric will offer an international experience to gain cultural and historical insights outside the United States.

For Parents

For parents, Donum Dei encourages community-building through different events for both fathers and mothers, including prayer breakfasts, reading groups, and coffee meet-ups. Dinner discussion groups and lectures will also help build community for parents of Donum Dei students, ensuring that all members of the community feel connected and supported.

Summer Experiences

Furthermore, on a day-to-day basis, Donum Dei will instill upright behavior through a variety of regularly reinforced disciplines and enrichment activities, including, but not limited to the following:

  • ​Proper uniforms

  • Daily greeting and formal entrance into the Academy

  • Oral and written practice of encouraging and thanking others

  • Weekly formal luncheons, teaching and reinforcing proper etiquette, eye contact, posture, and respectful dialogue while dining 

  • Practices in mutual service in Donum Dei’s Etiquette Equipping sessions during bi-weekly late afternoon high tea time (hot cocoa, sparkling fruit juice, or similar)

  • Courtesy and Respect Protocols, i.e. young gentlemen opening doors for ladies and all youth practicing “Yes, Ma’am; No, Sir”

  • A practice of being “brothers” and “sisters” in Christ, etc.

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