Donum Dei is Missionally Driven

Missionally-minded to equip San Francisco's Christian families.
Missionally-focused to bless San Francisco.
Missionally-strategic to help establish new Classical Christian schools.


Donum Dei Classical Academy exemplifies piety, whereby we realize the joy that comes from creating a culture of loving and respecting both God and man. Our students learn early on to consider: Who is God? Who am I in Him? 

They consider and practice: Who is my neighbor, and how shall I treat him/her? Academy students practice reverence for God and respect for man in our daily interactions. 


Donum Dei Classical Academy seeks to serve Christian families from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds in San Francisco. To this end, we invite interested families to apply for financial aid

The Academy also aspires to shine the light of Jesus outwardly to others. For example, Donum Dei’s families will go on mission trips locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Donum Dei will provide opportunities for its families to serve the community, and Donum Dei Logic and Rhetoric students will participate in service internships. The Academy aspires to serve the local community by offering select courses to San Francisco’s homeschool population and traditional school friends. When possible, Donum Dei will support the development of new Classical Christian schools


Donum Dei Classical Academy will work to create opportunities to spread Classical education across the city. We will endeavor to make connections and build relationships locally, regionally, and nationally. From those, we will be available to give and serve those Classical Christian school pioneers who may come after us.

Interested in Donum Dei?

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360 9th Avenue

San Francisco, California 94118

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