Liberal Arts Program

Donum Dei Classical Academy will implement a rich Liberal Arts program to engage students to love the lord with their minds.

Grammar School

Areas of focus for early Grammar School students includes Classical training and putting to memory information and facts by way of singing, chanting, games, and journaling. Young students learn and systematically practice Grammar-stage developmental skills in reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics. Early on, students learn factual information in the areas of Grammar, Mathematics, History, Geography, Scripture, and Timeline. 

School of Logic

​The School of Logic (projected opening 2021) will serve 6th grade through 8th grade and courses will include traditional Liberal Arts and the following: Logic, Speech and Debate, Discipleship, Biblical Survey Class, and Missions.

School of Rhetoric

Donum Dei Classical Academy hopes to increase offerings throughout the educational pipeline by serving students through high school graduation. The School of Rhetoric (projected opening 2024) will serve 9th grade through 12th grade. In addition to the traditional Liberal Arts offerings, Rhetoric School courses will include, but are not limited to, Rhetoric, Humanities, Biblical Worldview, Leadership, and Missions.

Bridge at Donum Dei

Donum Dei’s Bridge Program is a hybrid-homeschool program designed for select Logic and Rhetoric students (middle and high school) for the 2019-2020 school year.  Through this program, Donum Dei will facilitate a full, comprehensive curriculum designed to build up the entire student by incorporating both virtual and in-person teachers, guides, and mentors to strengthen student intellectual and spiritual development.

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