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The Impact of San Francisco

Known for the tech boom and its vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, San Francisco is among the most culturally influential cities in the world.  This dynamic city’s impact on America is too significant to ignore.  In fact, what starts here – actions, philosophies, information, technologies – moves beyond our bridges and throughout the country.  As God’s People, what messages do we want to travel over San Francisco’s bridges and out into the country and world? Think also about the impact of Classically preparing godly children who live among people from over 100 nations and belief systems - and, imagine the real possibility that our children may become bridge builders for those who need life everlasting.

Consider the potentially powerful impact if an increased number of Christian adults and children walked these city streets in the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  What if San Francisco’s adults nurtured and disciplined their children in the Paideia of the Lord?  Dominant values that oppose Christianity may infiltrate our city, but so does the presence and Spirit of the Living God.

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Donum Dei Classical Academy exists to impart a rich Classical curriculum, full of Scriptural truth and life-giving experiences here in San Francisco.  The Lord inspired us to open this Academy to walk alongside parents as they train their children in the ways and practices of our Lord. We exist to nourish students’ hearts, souls, minds, and bodies for the purpose of growing in them knowledge, wisdom, good character, and Christ-like virtue worthy of bringing glory to our great God.  With that discipling, training, and culture-building, dream with us about sending Truth-inspired messages throughout San Francisco and across our bridges as we educate our children in the deep and wide Classical tradition of truth, goodness, and beauty. Students formed in San Francisco, rich with potential opportunities to engage in experiences similar to what Jesus encountered in Galilee, will be prepared to influence the world for the glory of our God.

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