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Below are some initial ways in which entrepreneurial-minded Christians can partner with us and get involved!


The DDCA prayer team is a group of men and women nationwide who are seeking the Lord on behalf of the Academy.  The Lord has answered prayers to build and develop the Academy within the city of San Francisco.  The Lord has provided in many powerful ways. We continue to stand behind and follow Him on the next step of this exciting journey.  

Our 24/7 prayer team will seek the Lord on behalf of San Francisco, her churches and families, and Donum Dei through Easter Sunday.  We also will partner in Intercessory Prayer with our brothers and sisters from Valley Christian, San Jose, on behalf of the Bay Area.  


DDCA desires to collaborate with Christian and local universities who have students that are well-equipped to serve us under the guidance of their university mentor and Dr. McLean.  These student interns will participate in DDCA internships to support our work in various ways, including areas of marketing/social media, photography, and research. 


DDCA partners with Classical Christian schools across the nation to revive the Classical Christian tradition of education.  We consider the following schools as partners and/or models in our work.  We encourage you to peruse their websites and catch the vision for what Donum Dei in San Francisco might become for students, families, and our community.  

360 9th Avenue

San Francisco, California 94118

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