Donum Dei Classical Academy’s Values

The Donum Dei Values

Classically Christian
Academically Rigorous
Spiritually Robust
Missionally Driven

Truth, beauty, and goodness realized from a LOVE for the Lord with all our hearts, souls, minds, and bodies.

Piety, whereby we experience JOY, that comes from creating a culture of loving and respecting both God and Man. 
PEACE that comes from orienting our school time rightly and stewarding well the gift of time we have on earth.
Incredible teachers, our living curriculum, who model

PATIENCE and perseverance as they help students acquire the tools of learning at the various developmental stages in ways that promote deep, purposeful learning with high-expectations, high-support, and high-quality student outcomes.

Partnerships with generous givers who help us steward well this Academy, imparting the Lord’s KINDNESS inwardly to socioeconomically diverse Christian families and sharing it outwardly to others through missions and service opportunities.

Commitment to instill GOODNESS by equipping students to reason, discern and defend truth, and live out a Biblical worldview.

Partnership pledge with parents, who are the God-given authority in their children’s lives, to help educate and train students in the discipline and FAITHFULNESS of the Lord, Paideia. 

GENTLENESS in our approach to nurture students of good character to learn and employ their God-given gifts and talents in ways that can build up the Body and further Kingdom work.

Proper strategic planning, institutional development, institutional assessments, and missionally-driven student outcomes – diligently doing what we say we will do and providing evidence to show for it – highlighting our institutional sense of SELF-CONTROL.

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Identifying a school that is the right fit for your child in San Francisco, one that will provide the best intellectual, creative, and spiritual growth can be a daunting task. However, we look forward to helping you navigate this process.

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San Francisco, California 94118

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