Financial Aid

Qualifying for Assistance

If you are considering Donum Dei, please do not hesitate to apply because you think that your family cannot afford it.  Donum Dei offers need-based tuition assistance to families dependent on factors including:

  • total (gross) income

  • number of family members

  • number of children enrolling in Donum Dei

  • additional, extenuating financial circumstances  ​

Partnering with Donum Dei

We want to partner with like-minded families and will do whatever we can to make that possible. We also expect that each family will put forth its best effort to invest resources and time into providing its children with a Donum Dei education.

To determine financial aid, Donum Dei utilizes the program TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services), an independent financial assessment company that helps determine the amount of your tuition assistance award.  Once you have submitted an application for admission, you will receive information on how to register with TADS and fill out a financial aid application. 

If I receive tuition assitance, will the faculty, staff, or other parents know?

  • No. Tuition assistance awards are determined by a very small committee. 

  • No one outside of the Board or leadership administration knows which families receive assistance. 

  • Every effort is made to ensure the confidentiality of the process

Interested in Donum Dei?

We would love to welcome you to Donum Dei! Click here to sign up for an information session or tour.

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