What is Classical Education?

A Classical Christian education recognizes the developmental stages of learning, tailors content and methodology to students’ needs and abilities, and builds on the fundamentals of the Christian faith to create a comprehensive, biblical worldview.

Classical Education at
​Donum Dei

Donum Dei Classical Academy employs Classical education pedagogy in our Grammar School by connecting the natural strength of young students’ ability to memorize with the appropriate tools of songs, chants, physical movement, games, and journaling to ingrain valuable information that will serve students well in their future learning experiences.

​​Bridge at Donum Dei recognizes middle school students’ passion to make sense of information and to discuss and debate. Donum Dei employs the Classical education pedagogy in our Bridge program by the Socratic method, where teachers encourage collaborative discussion by asking thought-provoking questions.  Teachers guide students through conversations that enable them to learn how to argue well.

The Method of Classical Christian Education


The Model of Classical Christian Education

Donum Dei seeks to build a community of believersincluding students, parents, and teachersto serve Christ here in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and further afield.

The Donum Dei Vision for San Francisco

Donum Dei provides a Christian and Classical education that places God at the center of its mission in San Francisco. Students formed in San Francisco, where there are plentiful opportunities to engage with and serve their local communities, will be prepared to influence the world for the glory of our God.

Donum Dei Classical Academy Values


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